Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cute fabric at Joann's

I am a self proclaimed quilt-shop-snob. But.....due to less than stellar quilt shops around me I have made my way into Joann's on occasion and actually found some cute things! Alexander Henry has a re-vamped fabric collection there that is adorable and good quality! Anyways I found this CUTE cowboy fabric by Alexander Henry at Joann's on CLEARANCE, and now I think a baby cowboy quilt is calling my name.
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Livingstone Family said...

OOooooh, Al, I love the fabric! At the fabric store with your Mom last this week I found the most adorable WESTERN themed prints. Doesn't Ben need a cowboy room? Maybe I'll sneak some pics with my phone and send them to you!

Livingstone Family said...

One more thing, I saw the little bird print at the fabric store and fell in love with it. I just had to have it and I can't wait to use it! What do you use for your white fabric?

Trent and Dianne Rencher said...

Ester's has several version's of this western fabric, I was just there and wondered if you want any? She has a light brown, a few red's and an orange one. Such fun!

ellzabelle said...

I love this fabric and also bought some on clearance at JoAnn's. I made a diaper/wipes tote, changing pad and appliqued onesie with it. (

I live in Colorado and thought it was too cute for the wild west! Adorable. JoAnn's can have some great stuff if you're lucky! Ellen

bbw1942 said...

the western fabric is so cute that even though it needs ironing, i made a shirt to wear with jeans. that may have been mistake. we'll see.

anyone else read that joann's has been bought out by a take-over company? i'm interested in seeing what happens.

bbw1942 said...

i should have said that i didn't buy my western fabric at joann's. i bought it full-price (blast!) at my LQS in red.

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