Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday sign

I made this last Christmas and it was so easy and is so much fun to hang up everytime we have a birthday! I just want to leave it up year-round! Its so nice to have a cute sign and not have to buy a stupid plastic sign every birthday. So really the possibilities are ENDLESS, and there are tons of them on Etsy (here's the link to some really cute ones) that you could copy. This one I cheated and bought the letters by the checkout stand at joann fabrics, cut squares out of felt (you can fit two letters on one sheet of felt you buy precut) sew'd the top to make a place for the twine to go through, sew'd some cute fabric on the felt and then hot glued the letters on. Super easy and fun. I saw Joann's has some really cute letters in right now, and REALLY cute black sparkly halloween one's you could make a Halloween banner. Maybe that's what I'll do tonight!

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Suzanne said...

Hi Allison-
Cute stuff, you're better than Martha! We are trying to make a birthday banner like that for our super saturday(I have one that your mom made me), but we can't find the felt letters anywhere! Joanns doesn't have them right now and we haven't been able to find any online. Any ideas?
And could you just fly back here and teach all our classes please- thanks!