Friday, September 26, 2008

Mini Quilt

I officially love mini quilts. This one is 21x21, the perfect size for hanging on the wall or a nice little table topper. I had some extra scraps so I made it reversible, and it was my first time hand sewing the binding, so of course I sewed it on backwards so the nice edge is on the back! Its been a while since I've had a big mistake while sewing, so live and learn I guess, it still looks good though! I would hang this on my wall in a big mini quilt display, but I think that would take the girly-ness overboard in our apartment.....and I think I'll spare Jay.

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Livingstone Family said...

Hey Al, I love it! I love the colors, I looked at some of that same fabric last week as I've been deciding which colors to use to make one for myself out of. There was the cutest light blue and coral and brown fabric that is tempting ... I think we're definately of the same mind and taste when it comes to fabric!