Saturday, October 25, 2008

Next project?

A Sneak Peek at my next project.......a Christmas quilt. And then I can start my Christmas sewing, can you believe Christmas is only 61 days away? This year I am going to get my Christmas shopping done EARLY, but I say that every year and I'm still frantically running around stores on Christmas Eve. Figures.
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Jackie said...

I say the same thing every year and never manage to get started early enough so I don't feel stressed out. I do, however, stay out of the stores on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the reminder to get it in gear!

Jessica said...

Can't wait to see what you do with these squares! CUTE!

Michelle said...

I wasn't going to leave a comment but 61 days until Christmas?!? NO don't tell me things like that - I prefer to live in oblivion! LOL Your quilts look great, I love your colors.

Sara said...

I love snowmen and that fabric is great! I am only a little ways south of you in Medina. And I just love the orange quilt in your previous post

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