Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Christmas Quilt, Oh Christmas Quilt...

Another project to cross of the list! I'm glad this is done, it was fun, and it turned out really great. It was a big project I wanted to get done before Thanksgiving! I used flannel for the back, its red, so i washed it ahead of time, but still some of the pieces with red polka dots turned slight pink. I hate using red. I love the look, but it makes me nervous and I sit by the washer just twiddling my thumbs wondering if its going to bleed even after I pre-wash! This one was a beast to quilt, I think its the flannel on the back. But I'm proud to say there are no puckers in sight......except one. This will make a nice cozy addition to our Christmas decor!
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MichelleB said...

It's wonderful! I love it. Have you tried color catchers to wash with your quilts?

Beth said...

I can't believe how quick you are! I've been experimenting with FMQ but have lots of tension problems on the back. Yours looks really lovely.

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