Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Towels and Pot Holders

Here's my latest small projects. After a trip to Anthropologie (I want to move in to this store) I was inspired to spruce up my kitchen linens. I got the hand towel idea here, and the towels were like five dollars for a five pack at Target. Plus I really love these thin flour sack towels, they dry out so much better in our humid weather. The pot holders I made awhile ago, they are a really fun simple way to use up scraps.
There is a giveaway going on here at Film in the Fridge. The same place I got the towel idea. She has some great scrappy quilts she's been working on, check it out!


Beth said...

I also use the flour sack towels, but I think I should embellish them. This is really lovely.

MichelleB said...

They are very pretty. I think i need to embellish my flour sack towels too.

D*H*L said...

i went to joann's and i almost fell down on my knees with my fists pumping in the air because their fabric selection was so LAME!!! i love you fabrics, they make every just that much more awesome. :)