Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank you fellow Bloggers

This is a really delayed Thank You for a very cute award from some fellow bloggers, so thank you very much again and have a happy holidays! Scroll down for the links to their blogs and some others that I love!

Thank you Lisa and Rachel much for giving me my very first award(s)!!! I am having so much fun blogging my projects, its fun to know that there are other people who actually look at this little blog other than me....and my Mom.

Here are the rules...
1. The rules are to place the logo on your blog - done
2. Link back to the person who nominated you - done
3. Nominate 5 people and link back to their blog - done
4. Leave a message on the nominee's blog - done
And my five nominees are:

1. A Quilt is Nice
2. Feathered Nest
3. Handmade by Alissa
4. Quilt Taffy
5. Molly Chicken
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