Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolution 1: diet

I need to go on a FABRIC diet. So after Monday I will officially attempt to not buy fabric and use my stash instead. In the meantime I've added some cute new reds and aqua's, saving up for a red/aqua lap quilt maybe?
I had so much fun making these crazy quilt blocks I had enough to make two of these little baby girl quilt tops. I love the colors, I don't have a girl but I really want to keep one of these for myself!

2008 flew by, and I'm so thankful to quilting for keeping me sane and busy after moving across the country away from all our family and friends. And for keeping me occupied while my husband is at school 24/7. I can't believe I just started quilting last June, since then I've finished 13 quilts and made many more fun things! So if you've been wanting to learn to quilt, this is the year and I hope you'll LOVE it like I do!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

T-Shirt Quilt

This quilt was a gift for my sister made from all her T shirts she's collected through high school and college. Even though we used stabalizer on the backs of the tshirts they still stretched alot, and I learned not to quilt through the really thick screenprint on the tshirts. Anyways this was fun and fast and she loved it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Projects

Christmas presents have been given and I can share some of my projects! Well one of my projects anyways. These cute little pillow covers I made with the inspiration from Kathy's tree block. I didn't use setting paper like she did, I just starched the heck out of the block and it made it nice and stiff.

And since I have to have a project going at all times, I started a baby girl quilt last night. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I LOVE this crazy nine patch and its so fast to put together. I don't know about you, but its sure feeling alot like Christmas around here with our foot of snow on the ground!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby Boy Bug Quilt

This little boy quilt is for someone special, hopefully that someone doesn't check this blog very often! I made it based on the tutorial on Amanda Jean's blog, based on Alissa's Land and Sea Quilt. I made my blocks 8" instead of 11" so I could fit more blocks in the baby sized quilt. I put some rough instructions below for making the wonky block. The back is the cute bug flannel that I love and is EXTRA warm and snuggely, perfect for all this SNOW we have in Seattle!

This is how I made my blocks a little wonky. Follow Amanda Jean's instructions, except I cut my strips 2.5 " wide to make a 9 " blocks and then I cut it to size after its sewn. It seems like my blocks always turn out a little stretched or shrunk after sewing, so I leave some extra fabric and trim them to size, so my 8" blocks are perfectly square.

I made my blocks a little wonky by making the center strips different sizes, I cut the one on the left 1.5" and the right 3.5". Then after sewn you can turn the blocks to create the wonky look.
I used 1.5" white sashing on this quilt, I really like the 1.5", which after sewn is more like 1".

This quilt is about 37x37" square. Happy holidays!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Easy Sewn Christmas Card and Tag

These are cute, cheap, and easy. Just remember to change your needle before you sew fabric again, paper dulls it really fast! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blossoms Quilt

I finished this quilt back in August, but had my first look at it the other day after I picked it up after being quilted. I collected these fabrics this summer, and wanted French Country kind of feel. There is a lot of Blossoms by Urban Chicks and Amy Butler, but also a lot of other fabrics in it too that make it really fun and interesting to look at. It is a Kaffe Fassett pattern from his book Kaleidoscope of Quilts. Its a fun pattern because there is really no pattern to it, all the rows are different, and the big blocks really show off the fabric. Its BIG, about 70" by 100", perfect to drape over my Cal King bed.

I LOVE the quilting, I picked a feather type pattern for this one, it suited the fabric and turned out beautiful!

This is the back, I still have to bind it but I just can't decide what to bind it with!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ball for Ben

This was a really simple sewing project that makes a very cute gift! I hate doing curved seams, but this really only took me about half an hour to whip up. And the pattern comes with three sizes so you could make a cute set. The pattern is here. I didn't add the end pieces like the pattern did. I like it without, and my ends were lined up good enough so I didn't have to hide them, but I did make sure to double stitch my last seams so it will be tough enough to last against my toddler. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Slacking...and Sewing

I've been slacking at this blogging thing. But that's only because seems like all my sewing has been hemming pants or patching holes. I did manage to make this quilt top though. Its about 58"x68" a good lap quilt size. These were just 9 1/2" blocks, with four scrappy blocks since I ran out of fabric and wanted to use up my scraps! This only took about 2 hours to put together, and I really like the simplicity of it and the look of big blocks.
Happy Holidays!