Monday, January 12, 2009

distracted, again.

Instead of basting and quilting this quilt i started back in December, I made these blocks with my cars on the road fabric instead. I love this fabric. It matches so many of my bright colored fabrics so well. I will probably put sashing around these, maybe light blue? Or light yellow? Lately I've been very good at starting new quilts........but not so good at finishing them. I'm usually a one project at a time person, but maybe not anymore!
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rachel griffith said...

oh how fun!!!

Beth said...

AWESOME! I love a bright quilt.

I do the same thing -- starting a quilt and then putting it aside while I work on something more "fun."

Alissa said...

Super cute!

D*H*L said...

that starting is always more fun than the finishing. i've burst a few blood vessels by the time my quilts are done. :)

Alicia said...

I just came across your blog after looking at your photos on flickr. I love the car fabric on this quilt--who makes it? It looks like a sheet set Pottery Barn made. I just tried to order a sheet to use for a quilt, but it was all gone! Bummer.

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