Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coin Quilt Top

I love Coin Quilts, and I just couldn't help myself to make one with that cute car fabric and some good old Katie Jump Rope fabric. I have lots of started projects that I need to finish, but I always find new projects to start, new quilt tops to make, and cute new fabric I want to use. So here's another one, a NEW project to finish, when I should be working on OLD projects. :)

Next I want to make a little wall hanging quilt for my living room, maybe something like this? It can't be too girly though, my poor husband lives in a house full of quilts, throw pillows galore, country living and Martha magazines in every reading spot, even fabric framed on our walls!!! Poor guy, he never complains, but I think a more manly redo is in order. After I make my girly wall hanging that is. :)


Terriaw said...

I do that too, start new projects when I have piles of other projects to finish! I started cutting fabrics for a coin quilt too, in between something else. I love coin quilts - such a great way to use scraps and display fabrics. I like how this one looks with these columns of coins.

Alissa said...

Love it!!!

shannon said...

Hi, I just found your blog and wow! I love all of your quilts.

rachel griffith said...

oh i LOVE it!!!

have fun making that girly wall quilt!!!

erica said...

What a great coin quilt. Your husband is a trooper!

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