Friday, June 19, 2009

Pretty things..

Some pretty things to start your day, or dream about at night.

(click on pictures for sources)





I’m in love with black gingham. And this is the same pattern of this skirt.



visit Kelly’s tumblr for more.


Me? A Mom? said...

Darn, nothing is happening when I click on the pictures. Would love to get more info on that first quilt. It's inspiring me to do an all-solids quilt!

Leslie said...

This was a better pick-me-up than a cup of coffee. Thanks for a great start to my day!

Annette said...

a great start to my day. =)

Bison Girl said...

oh my. I'm drooling. such beauties.

amandajean said...

thanks for sharing such pretty things!

duckyhouse said...

lovely, lovely photos! The little girl on the bed is my favorite.

Stephanie said...

I really like the 2nd pic with the little girl on the circle quilt. Thanks for the little inspirations!