Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skirts in Progress

Thanks for all the quilt love guys. I know I’ve said it before but it means a lot! And to answer to some of your questions, it was made with one jelly roll + 6 extra strips of fabric. The one jelly roll was only enough for 26 blocks, and I needed 30. Also…I decided to close my etsy shop. I’ve had some of you notice already and I’ve recieved some What the? emails in my inbox. Mostly I’m closing it because we are moving to Seattle for a bit, and our summer is nuts. I may post the occasional quilt here and there since I only have 1 child and a baby quilt addiction. But for now, I’m closing it. So if you need a baby quilt, mine are on mega clearance till their gone. Unless I keep them for my 1 child.

IMG_9290 copy

So on to this colorful skirt. We have an awesome thrift store here where everything is 50% off Monday’s. There are LOTS of interesting people there, if ya know what I mean. (like a lady who forgot to wear a shirt…….no joke, and her bra definitely wasn’t doing its job) But also there are lots of treasures to be found. This tablecloth came from the Monday sale, but really I bought it to make a pattern with so I didn’t have to cut up anything expensive. It was meant to look like this pattern.

Also here is Michelle’s block for June’s PTQB. She wanted traditional, so an Amish star seemed appropriate.


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Cheryl Arkison said...

Cute skirt! I love that fabric.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

That quilt block is fabulous! I'd love a quilt made up of a bunch of them! :) Enjoy your time in Seattle!

Ashe Family said...

Beautiful skirt!!! I love your story about the lady from the thrift store, my husband thinks I am insane when I laugh at the computer :)

Lisa said...

Wow! Your thrift store has a web page! That rocks! LOL! Can you imagine if you could shop online there? I would be totally broke.

We don't have that kind of chain around here- I am stuck with Goodwill. But our Goodwill has a .99 tag on Sundays and one color tag is half off all week. So I can't complain too much.

Your skirt is adorable. That was a wild tablecloth! (When I make clothes, they just look homemade.)

V and Co. said...

table cloths are the best. and so are vintage sheets for those "i hope this turns out okay" projects. this one turned out great!

~Michelle~ said...

Woot! I love my block - looks perfect! And you deffo will have fun in Seattle this summer - I love it up there! If I thought I could handle all the rain, I would pack up from LA and move up there right now :)

The Ballstaedts said...

Cute skirt, That is so fun that you are going to seattle for the summer... I am sure you will have a blast being by your family. How is your quilt along quilt coming? I decided to do it, but haven't officially started it...:)

Worknprogress said...

Amazing skirt!! The fabric is beautiful!

I think the lady you encountered at your thrift store might have a cousin down here in Kent where i live (South of Seattle).

Walked into the Union Gospel Misson Thrift Store a couple weeks ago, and a group of ladies was trying to outfit a woman there for a party they were attending. The woman had to be in her mid 40's at least. When they showed her a beautiful dress, the entire store heard her ask and announce, "Is that the kind of dress you have to wear a bra with? It is?! Put that back then, cause i ain't wearing no bra. Haven't needed one in the last 15 years, and i ain't gonna start wearin' one now."

People are funny!! Everywhere you go, eh? Best of luck with your move!! If you like thrifting, you should come to Kent sometime. We are the capital of the thrift stores--7 in our downtown alone! Not to mention a Goodwill at each end of town.

Jessica said...

Super cute!

Amanda said...

Your skirt is beautiful.

Katie Jean said...

I once found that same table cloth at my thrift store. I love it!!

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