Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vintage love

I spent some time yesterday cutting into my collection of vintage sheets and fabrics before I pack them away to move. I have some really pretty stuff I’d forgotten about. And since I probably don’t need 12 fat quarters of the same fabrics I put some cute fat quarter stacks in the shop.


I found the find of the century yesterday while garage sale-ing. And now my husband is gloating because he had to DRAG me out of bed and into the rain to find it. I found the CUTEST little wooden rocking chair. I haven’t decided if I’ll paint it white or just leave it. It sort of has a wooden vintage look now, but I do love me some white. These two are my favorite vintage fabric finds:


I’ve been saving up all these fat quarters and pieces to make a picnic/car quilt for summer. Something the little guy can drag around in the grass and I won’t care. Now I just need some time to make it!


MLE said...

Found your blog and love those vintage sheets! I do a lot of sewing with vintage prints. I bet that car/picnic quilt is going to be lovely!

Susan said...

Great vintage sheets! I found my first vintage sheet on Friday. I am so excited, it's in the washer now getting the ick washed off.

Marianne Penner Design said...

Your vintage fabric find is awesome. The blue fabric reminds me of my bedsheets when I was a little girl.

littlecumulus said...

Love the sheets! Did you see this?

patsy said...

LOve those sheets!
Don't tell me moving will interupt this blog... I'm hooked & don't think I could handle it-

I hope you get to make a picnic quilt- that is a brilliant idea for these sheets :)
thanks for sharing!

Mama Megs said...

Love the sheets! So cute! Are you guys moving? Back home for the summer? Let me know-we should get together this time for sure :)

Melanie said...

My mom has those blue sheets! What an awesome trip down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

I have a pillow case of that same blue fabric!

klee1 said...

I love all the wonderful things you find and the awesome things you do with them. Enjoy your blog tremendously.