Friday, August 21, 2009

T shirt Pants

Do you guys have as many old T-shirts as we do?  We have lots…and lots…and lots.  So I decided it was time to make the little man some pants.  Using this tutorial.  


Here’s the before T-shirt.  I made these from a pair of his 2T pants but added an extra inch all the way around to make them bigger.  And used the bottom of the T-shirt as the bottom hem.  And if you are making 2T or bigger, make sure you have a BIG T-shirt, like XXL so you have enough room to cut the pants length without cutting into the arm pits. 


With the extra I made a really ghetto bib.  Now its in the garbage.  Next time maybe I’ll use velcro or something to make the neck smaller. 


Now you know….he had Lunchables build-a-pizza for lunch.  And I ate most of it and it was actually good. 


Blue is Bleu said...

Hehe the 'ghetto bib' made me laugh! But I like the idea of turning the tee into pants... goodness knows we have a million tees that never see the light of day.

beth said...

love the second life you gave that shirt!

Ashe Family said...

Love the ghetto bib, it made me laugh! And I love your honesty with the lunchables! I agree, they are actually quite good! I have been known to eat them for lunch from time to time :)

Dena said...

Clever use of the old t-shirts. I wish I had all those t-shirts the kids wore as they were growing up to make a t-shirt quilt for each of them. Unfortunately, they were always donated to charity after they grew out of them.

Rita said...

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Natalie said...

I learned how to make these pants from Amanda Soule... "Soule Mama."
They are fun to make. Then I made a pair from an old aloha shirt, using the pocket on the front as a hip pocket... it worked like a charm! Yours look super comfy.

erica said...

Great idea!

Giddy for Paisley said...

The "ghetto bib" made me snort a little. Too funny. I love the pants.

Jody said...

That is just brilliant!! Looks super easy and a great way to use up old t husband has a million of them. I love the link you provided...and the youtube video. Thanks!!

Michell said...

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