Thursday, March 26, 2009

more...Baby Quilts!

Little sheep strip quilt

This week was a blur. I couldn't even tell you when I finished these, but somehow I must have found time because here they are. My weeks are sure flying by, I can't believe we are a week away from April. Tomorrow my baby will be 2. Everybody told me it would go fast, but until you're here you don't realize just how fast. It sure is fun being his momma, even if he is (extremely!) cranky this morning.

Little Sheep

Blue and Green Quilt

Blue and Green Quilt Back

Urban Cowboy Baby Quilt

This is the third (or fourth?) quilt I've made with this same pattern. I love the simple look of it, it lets the fabric really stand out. But...I think I've learned my lesson with Minky. I'm officially SICK of it. I used it on the back of the top strip quilt as well as this one. It turned out fine on both, but I think using it for the borders and back on this one made it extra tricky. Lesson learned, I'm sticking with cotton backs for awhile at least.

Urban Cowboy

Last but not least...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your sweet comments! You guys really made my week when my sweet (almost) 2 year old was really testing my patience. So Thank you. I love looking at all your blogs and seeing what you've been up to as well! I've had a couple questions that I haven't been able to reply to, so if you have a question you want answered, please use my email address so that I can reach you. (top of right hand column)

My husband has a four day weekend, so I think I will give the Bernina a break for a few days and check in with you guys next week! Happy sewing and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Red + Aqua Finished

Red + Aqua Finished

There's nothing like a really bright crinkly quilt fresh out of the dryer to make my day. I stippled this one, mainly because I love the crinkly look, and I hadn't stippled in awhile, I was having withdrawals. It was really fun, I finished it within a couple of hours because I just couldn't stop. I love the way it turned out, really crinkly, really soft, and nice and warm to cuddle under.

Red + Aqua Finished

I literally had to STUFF it in the quilt basket, which could be a problem. I'm going to need a much bigger basket, or a hutch like this one. Or maybe I should just stop making ( and keeping) so many quilts!

Red + Aqua Finished

Did I mention my new quilt matches my new clock? Its perfect. (clock from Target)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ben's Quilt

Ben's Quilt Finished

Its finished! I'm so happy with how it turned out. I couldn't decide how to quilt it (Thank you for all your great ideas!) but I finally decided to do straight quilting in a grid pattern around the seams. It looks more boy-ish, and really makes each square pop. It took awhile, but after quilting 124 straight lines I'm still really glad that I did it myself, on my machine. There's a sense of pride that comes with finishing a quilt all by yourself from start to finish, I'm sure all of you that quilt yourself know what I'm talking about don't you?

Ben's Quilt

I pieced a strip through the back so this could be reversible when I want something simple. And so I can turn it over when needed, since this will be on my 2 year old's bed.....yikes.

Back of Ben's Quilt

Have a great weekend everybody!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Red + Aqua

Remember this? Now its this very bright quilt top made from my favorite colors. (in case you haven't noticed I have LOTS of favorite colors) This was my first quilt using so many triangles, and it actually went fairly smoothly and went together fast.

red+aqua quilt top

I used the tutorial Christina put on her blog. Except I started with 7 1/2" squares so my finished blocks were roughly 6 1/2". And I didn't square them up after. I felt like I was cutting more than a 1/4" off each side when I was squaring them up, but mostly it was because I am a L.A.Z.Y. quilter. I usually find I can eyeball things straight as I go, and (knock on wood) it has worked for me so far with no resulting wonkiness. This top ended up being about 54" by 66", with 99 blocks total.

red+aqua quilt top

I love how where four of the hourglasses meet, it creates a pinwheel. Can you see it? Its like one of those eye tricks where you have to find the pattern in the pattern. :) Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pieced Together Blocks

I'm back from Mexico feeling refreshed and COLD! I'm ready for spring, and something about spring makes me really notice all of the clutter spots around my house. Starting with my sewing area, it looks like a bomb went off. But that can wait, since I have lots of fun projects to complete! Starting with these fun blocks for Sara and Stephanie for March's pieced together quilting bee. The spider web block was for Sara, and the idea of paper piecing totally freaked me out, but it went together without a hitch and I was so glad I tried it!

My little man on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. Why did we come back again?