Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Its record HOT today in the Seattle area.  We filled up the kiddy pool in anticipation, but now even that water is way too hot so we’re back indoors enjoying AC.  The heat has given me plenty of time to unpack and read a couple  magazines…..including this one, with great ideas in it from some of my favorite designers/fellow bloggers.


And I pulled out some fabrics for my next quilt.  I’ll admit I’ve totally lost my sewing mojo, hopefully it comes back soon since this blog is called cluck.cluck.SEW.  That could be a problem.   I bought that top little car fabric during our trip, I don’t know what its called but I think its adorable.   It was expensive so I only bought a little bit, but now I’m kicking myself and wish I had more. 


And last but not least flowers from the garden I’ve been playing with.   One of my favorite things about this area is everything grows…..especially weeds.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Camper


We’re finally here.  I’m happy to be out of the trash can we call our car and semi-unpacked.  We had a nice stay in Portland, then drove up the coast through Cannon Beach and into Washington.   I managed to visit a few quilt shops, the top one is still my all time favorite.  If you ever get a chance to go to Rupert, ID….GO, its worth the drive.  Then I made it to Fabric Depot in Portland.  Lots of you told me to check this one out, and now I see why! They had so much fabric, and everything was on sale, and it was packed full of nice little old ladies ramming each other down with shopping carts.   

Honestly that store totally overwhelmed me, I just walked around for about an hour with drool coming out of my mouth not knowing where to start.  I came home with a little stack, mainly because I have a hard time remembering what I already have…..which means I probably have too much fabric already. IMG_0232 

Hopefully I’ll get some sewing done this week.  I’m trying to make myself excited to quilt the 9 patch quilt, but its just not happening, so unless I have any volunteers to quilt it for me (anyone??????:) it will probably stay in its cozy little storage bin for awhile longer.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9 Patch Top

I finished my quilt along 9 patch top before we left last week. I really really love this quilt. As you can tell I changed the pattern a little bit. (its supposed to look like this ) Me+sashings = grumpy……so I changed it. Lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy me.

Right now this quilt top is buried in the depths of the car. Did I mention I'm really sick of traveling? I am. My feet are numb from the AC blasting in the car, I'm sick of eating junk food, gross public restrooms and counting bug splats on the windshield. We're in Portland now, which I love love love Portland, but I'm still ready to get unpacked and setteled. And I'm going through sewing withdrawls, I'm starting to get the shakes and lash out at my loved

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mary’s Wedding Quilt

Remember this lovely little stack from my new favorite crap craft store? I sewed like a maniac and now its a quilt for my sweet sister in law’s wedding gift. It was between making her a quilt or buying floor mats for her car ( n.o.t. my idea). Needless to say the quilt won.

The quilt measures about 67” by 80”, perfect size for a 2 person couch quilt, or draped over the end of a bed. Here’s my measurements if you want to make your own.
For the inner border you’ll need:
1- 4.5” square
2- 2.5” by 4.5” strips
2- 2.5” by 8.5” strips

Sew short sides on first, then top and bottom pieces. If you are not using 1/4” foot (like I wasn’t) you will get some hangover in your strips that you’ll have to trim. The seam allowance on a regular foot is more like 5/16” or 6/16” in my case, so slightly larger than 1/4”. So if your strips seem way too long, especially in the outer border, that is probably why.

For the outer border you’ll need:
2- 2.5” by 8.5” strips.
2- 2.5” by 12.5” strips.

Your finished block should measure 12.5”. See that little bit of hangover on the top and bottom of my block? That’s because I didn’t use my 1/4” foot, so my finished block was more like 12”. Which isn’t a big deal unless your using a (real) pattern or you’re concerned about the final size.

Now square up your blocks. I made 30 blocks, I used about 4 yards of fabric for my blocks. The sashing strips were 1.5” cut, so 1” finished. The white border strips were 2” cut. When your using thin stashing strips like this its important to pin and line up your blocks as you sew your rows together. If not you can really tell when your blocks don’t line up perfectly. And unpicking stitches is not that much fun….as I’m sure we all know very well.

By the way Ben did fabulous on our flight to Denver on Monday. The travel fairies must like me because we sat by a Nun. You can bet she was prayin' like a mad woman when she saw who was sitting next to her. And luckily all went smoothly and I only had a few glares in my direction, so we're improving. :) Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vintage Sheet Quilt


Remember these? Now they are a fun car/picnic quilt. This quilt is so soft, the fabrics are the softest I’ve ever felt….. I try to forget its because they are used.

IMG_9820 copy

I like to think these sheets sat on a sweet little old lady’s guest bed, or better yet in her linen closet and were never even used. But with my luck they probably came from some dingy hotel like the one I stayed at in Niagara Falls three days ago. Seriously….you think I would have learned, you get what you pay for. A $40 dollar hotel, is a $40 dollar hotel, especially when its in Canadian dollars. (i took my own sheets.)


I did simple wavy line quilting along the seams. My husband saw the wavy lines and asked if I moved the quilt back and forth really fast to make the lines wavy (like free motion). I told him yes and he thought I was awesome.


The back is the color of grass stains, because there will definitely be grass stains to come. Now this baby is in the washer….again. Just in case I got the dingy hotel sheets.