Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day


Happy Valentines Day to you. Today my little valentine decided to wear big boy underwear…..which means I am following behind him with my Clorox wipes and thanking my lucky stars we have wood floors. :) Time to go snuggle, and hoping you get to do the same!


(Duvet cover is from Ikea, and the bowls from my whiny “no dishwasher” post were from Anthropologie…in case I haven’t got back to you yet!) And sorry if you got this post twice in your reader...I'm not using my brain today.


Jane said...

What a sweet picture!

Brooke said...

Precious boy! I bet he's always that still and quiet, eh? :)

Rinachiyya said...

How adorable your little boy is. Love the Duvet too.
Enjoy each moment they grow up so fast.
I just became a great grandmother last months.Have to get used to it. LOL.