Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Car Seat Cover Tutorial

I wasn't sure I'd actually use one of these car seat covers...but you know what?  I LOVE having this!  It's perfect for a newborn that wants to stay asleep and keeps them out of the wind.  You might have to fudge with the measurements to fit your own carseat because mine is really big...but it's pretty simple to make!

I made quick instructions for how I made it….and I mean quick instructions since it was night time and I was tired and I totally forgot to take pictures of the most important part where you sew the straps on...so you'll have to play with it a bit but it's pretty simple to do.

You’ll need:  1 yard outer fabric, 1 yard lining fabric, 12 inches of velcro, and a 6 in. by 36 in. strip of fabric for the handles. 

Trim the selveges off your outer and lining fabrics and lay them right sides together, trimming off any excess so they are the same size.  My fabric pieces were about 35 in. by 42 in. after trimming.  You can adjust this if your car seat is smaller, since mine is a jumbo monster Graco car seat.  Pin the fabrics together. 

Using a bowl, trace around the edges and trim off the excess, now you’ll have nice round corners and it helps the corners of the cover to stay off the ground while your packing it around. 

Sew around the whole thing with a 1/2 in. seam allowance (or so) leaving a hole on one side for turning.  Clip your curves, turn inside out, and press along edges.  Topstitch around the whole thing making sure you close the hole with your stitches. 

When your done, lay it over your car seat and figure out where you want the handles.  I made it so the edges hang over a couple of inches in the front and the back.   I put my pins about 10 inches apart, if you put them too close together your cover will hang like a teepee and that would be kind of annoying. :)

Now the instructions are in the pictures….hopefully you can read them.


You can kind of see how I sewed them on here:

Now stick a baby in it and hopefully they'll stay nice and cozy (and asleep)!!!