Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is our last weekend in Cleveland.  Its a little sad since we have met such wonderful friends here…but also very exciting to be closer to our family in the West.  Today we went to visit my favorite spots in Amish Country that I will miss so much.  Lucky for me there was a swap meet going on…..I was in heaven.


A last visit to my favorite quilt shop was in order…


So was a stop to visit these donkeys….I love miniature donkeys.  If they didn’t poop I would have me a whole herd.


Even my boys love donkeys. See?


We had a great day visiting one of our favorite spots.  I was so good…I only bought these two jars ($6 for both!) and a yard of Amy Butler for $5.


We are moving (driving 28 hours!)  to Idaho on Tuesday.  I have posts scheduled, but I’ll be away from my computer, so any emails will have to wait till next weekend. 

Get ready Idaho….here we come!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Garage Sale Season

I love garage sales. Except when I’m the only one there and the people having the garage sale stare at you while you sort through their crap. Hate that. Anyways….last weekend I found some treasures amongst the half used candles. Like this antique milk can. The guy wanted $25 for it….I gave him $10 for it. Score! I’m a mean, lean (kind of), garage sale-ing queen.


After some serious power sanding and spray paint (the color is Hosta Leaf by KILZ) it now looks like this:


Not sure where I’ll put it yet….or what I’ll do with it….but don’t tell my husband that.

I also bought this old wooden ladder.


The hubby was excited that I was actually buying something useful…. until I told him that I was going to tear it apart and hang quilts on it. You should have seen his face…poor guy actually thought I bought a ladder just to use as a ladder.

Piece n Quilt is having a 35% off everything sale till' the 28th....use coupon code May35

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whirly-pop Quilt


Yep….I chopped off the border. Lucky for me most of you agreed that the border should go, since I had already chopped it off before I posted the top. :) Its a better wall hanging size without the border, except after seeing these pictures I think I need to iron it out before I really put it on the wall with more than double stick tape.


I turned Ben’s quilt over yesterday and I don’t think I ever showed you a picture of the back…so here it is (during nap time.... hallelujah). I love the back almost as much as the front, the stripes are just a sheet I bought from The Company Store. Its nice and soft and 3 year old proof. Is that even possible?


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kids for sale

I love my children.  Really….I do.  More than anything. 

But yesterday I really wanted to make a free sign and put them out on the sidewalk.  They were driving me CRAZY!  This 3 year old stage is kicking my rear.  Seriously.   And the baby…he’s not so innocent either.  He screams every time he’s not being held (I’m blaming Grandparents) …or jiggled…or driven around.  Like if we’re in the car and stop at a  light….WAAAAHHH!, or a stop sign…WAAAHHHH, or the gas station…WAAAAHHH….little stinker. 

Good thing they’re cute.

Anyways…after they went to bed and I congratulated myself for not loosing my marbles, I needed some sewing therapy.  I finally made this sewing machine cover I’ve had on my to do list for months. 


I loosely followed this tutorial

You can find the Burgundy Buttons Giveaway HERE, entries close on Tuesday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Petal Pillow Tutorial

I’m guest blogging for Vanessa today with a summery new pillow tutorial. Check it out here!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Whirly-pop top


I finished this top FINALLY.  Its the longest I’ve ever worked on a quilt…3 months.  I started the blocks way back in January, (finished everything on that to do list except the losing weight part….ahem)  but then they sat in a box for 2 1/2 months waiting for me to finish them.  The whirlygigs in this top are only 3" sewn.   


I’m not feeling the outer border on this one, it might need to be taken off.  It looks OK in the picture but in real life its kind of wonky since its hard to get those pez’s lined up nice and straight.  We’ll see.  I took this picture of the back so you could see all those seams smooshed in there.  Its the dang ironing that took me 3 months to finish…the sewing part was easy.   The pattern is by Camille (hi Camille!) you can find it here


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parisian Chic


Remember this stack I was frantically cutting before vacation (instead of packing) ?  Now its this crisp baby quilt with the cutest  little Paris print in it.  The linen fabric is so nice to work with, plus it matched about every other girlish print I own.


I bought the Nicey Jane back for this one at the same time I bought the polka dot I used on the boy quilt.  It took me a long time to find this fabric in stock!


This one is also in the shop.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting bigger…

Now those little orange shoes actually (almost) fit!


Its amazing (and sad) how fast babies grow.  If only I could make time go slower.  sigh.  

Sounds like my complaining yesterday struck a nerve with so many of you!  I think its more sad that anything since I just don’t see how the local shops are going to stay in business.  Oh and I am REALLY glad I’m not buying fabric in Canada or Australia….$16.00 a yard???  Sheesh that’s expensive!!!  That’s the end of my complaining! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicey Jane Disappearing 9 patch


I have made lots of quilts with this pattern but I just can’t help it….it goes together so quickly (this took me an hour and a half) and always looks like a lot more work than it actually was.  Most these fabrics are Nicey Jane, but there are some others I threw in there too.  I think it measures around 34” x 40”.


The pattern for this one is the Disappearing 9 Patch tutorial (on my sidebar or top toolbar).  It's one of my very favorite patterns and I recommend it to anyone as a first quilt!  The fabrics are mostly from the Nicey Jane collection by Heather Bailey. 


Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Peep Show Prevention

I hate nursing in public (HATE IT) and I’m bad at it.  Case in point……on my flight to Seattle a few weeks ago I was trying to secretly nurse my new  baby before we all boarded the flight.  So I picked a semi-uncrowded spot…and then of course right when I start trying to nurse, a couple of suit wearing men came and sat across from me.  Right across from me.  So I tried to act like I wasn’t nursing (not possible) until….the blanket came down.    ALL the way down.  So there I am with my goods hanging out and those poor men trying to look away.  And to make it even better I had one of those stupid nipple shields on……………….awesome.  So my face turned bright red, baby was screaming at me,  my 3 year old was about to pee his pants, and my husband looked at the two men and just shrugged. 

So after that fun experience, I finally decided to spare the suit wearing men of the world a peep show and make myself a nursing cover.  Lucky for me Amy made this great tutorial right before I made it….I think it was a sign from the heavens. (thanks Amy!)


This fabric is Dogwood Bloom in Pink  by Joel Dewberry.   You can find it here or here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tutorial: A Scrappy Strip Rose


I have a fun new flower tutorial for you that’ll use up some of your scraps. Mine is attached to my bag as you can see, and it looks so cute that I almost forget my bag is full of diapers and crumbled goldfish crackers. Now on the tutorial…

First you’ll need:

- 2.5” wide scraps of fabric in whatever colors your heart desires cut to various lengths. Mine were 3" long to 14" long. For fabric I used my leftover binding strips. My strips added up in length to about 2 yards, which made me a 5" flower. Add or take away strips or cut them shorter if you want a bigger or smaller flower. Shorter strips and more of them will make a more colorful flower.

- A sewing machine and a needle and thread.

-A piece of felt or other strong fabric, a hot glue gun, and a broach bracket.


Here are my various 2.5" wide strips. Put them in order from the color you want in the center of the flower, to the outside of the flower. Now sew them all together end to end, and press seams open.


Now folding your strip in half as you go, serge OR sew a zig zag stitch down the raw edges. Do the same on the ends.


With your sewing machine….increase the stitch length as high as it will go (a 4 on my machine) and increase the thread tension as high as it will go. Now sew down your strip again right along your sewn/serged edge. The strip should gather as you go. If it is gathering TOO much, lower the stitch length (see picture below for how much mine gathered)

**** I tried this gathering method on a computerized machine first and it would NOT work. When I switched to the older, manual machine it worked like a charm. So if this method isn’t working on your machine…you can either gather it by hand by folding and scrunching the sewn edge as you sew over it, or use a gathering foot. Because the strip is so long it won’t work to sew down it with a large stitch length and pull the bottom thread.

This is what it should look like after its sewn:

IMG_4231 IMG_4235

Starting with the end you want as the center of the flower, fold the raw edge down and make the center of the flower by folding the strip around it. Sew in place either by hand or machine with a few stitches.


Continue to wrap the sewn/serged edges around the center, securing the edges to the center with your needle and thread. I put the needle and thread all the way through the center for the first few layers.


As you continue adding the layers the center will have a tendency to stick out, but try to keep the sewn edges lined up and flat. Also as you add more and more layers, you can secure the layers to the previous layers with a stitch every half inch or so. If you secure the layers loosely to the previous layer, you’ll get a better result.


This takes a little bit of practice, but I’m also quite possibly the worst hand sewer ever, so chances are you’ll do it perfectly the first time.

When you get to the end, or the flower is as big as you want it, cut off the end and tuck the end to the back. Secure it with a stitch and knot your thread off.


Make sure your flower is just right and poke the center down a little if its sticking up too much to make the back flat.

Cut a circle out of your felt, just big enough to cover all of the sewn / serged edges.


With your hot glue gun, cover the backside of your flower with glue, then press the felt onto the back.

Then hot glue your broach bracket to the felt. (think I used enough hot glue??? I’m paranoid)


And there you have it, your cute scrappy flower you can attach to just about anything.


The first attempt was made out of my left over border strips from the chain quilt. It involved some trial and error with the hand sewing….so it looks a little more bunched.


If you need another broach made from scraps….last year I made this circle one that I still love.

PS. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the lovely response to the Modern Chain Quilt. You guys are the best blog friends a girl could ever ask for. Now we're off to the Seattle aquarium to visit the fishes. Have a great day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Modern Chain Quilt

This quilt is based off a traditional chain quilt, but updated to make it more my style (scrappy!) and way easier to make.


Now I want to make a second quilt with Kona Aqua as the background and all different browns (or oranges….or reds!) for the little squares.


This one is a crib size measuring 38 inches by 52. 

I almost forgot to show you the back…..OH THE BACK!!!  I can’t stop looking at it, and it matches the front so perfectly.


 Did I mention I LOVE this quilt? I do.


Update:  This pattern is currently not for sale...but will be updated and put back in my shop soon!