Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scrappy Rose Pillow


I can’t take credit for this one…it was sitting in my mother’s living room when I came to visit.  She made it using a combination of this tutorial for making the strip…and this tutorial for sewing it on.  The only difference is that she pleated the long (I’m guessing about 7 ft.) scrappy strip as she sewed it to the pillow instead of gathering it before hand.  Cute huh?  I’m going to try to sneak it into my car tomorrow when I head back home…don’t tell.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I said I never would but I did

Buy a batik…oh yes I did.  I know its not very batik-ish but still…this is a first for me.


Also tonight I’m guest posting over at Someday Crafts today with the scrappy rose tutorial. Check it out here and take a look at Michelle’s cute craft blog while your at it.  Thanks Michelle!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

This week

I’ve been playing with new fall fabric… (City Weekend by Oliver + S)


blackberry picking ( the boys & I are visiting Seattle) & jam making..


Oh and I found this abandoned nest I’m going to take home for my mantel… because I’m pretty sure that’s why the bird made it, right?  For me to decorate with?  Thought so.


And lastly I am clearing out more of  Pez (red and the darker blue).  Yes, I found more…..I told you I had A LOT.  Its in this shop.  At this rate I’m going to be finding pez ‘till I’m 80.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Its all in the foot

One of those things that nobody tells you when you start quilting is how important the right foot is. When I started, I just figured that the foot that came on my machine was an exact 1/4” foot….when really the foot that came on my machine had a seam allowance from the edge to the needle of 3/8”. It doesn’t sound like a big difference, but believe me…when your making a log cabin block or anything with a lot of piecing…your finished blocks end up way smaller.


The one on the left came on my machine (a Bernina), the one on the right is a 1/4” patchwork foot I bought (with a handy guide on the side so you can pound a bag of Doritos and sew at the same time).

The stitches down below show the difference….the left is the 3/8” seam allowance, and the right seam is the exact 1/4” allowance. Pretty big difference huh?


Anyways…the point is, that most machines come with a foot with an allowance of 3/8” and not 1/4” like many believe. So when your making a pattern that calls for a 1/4” seam allowance, you might end up with some small and un-matching blocks and seams if you’re not using the right foot. I know this from experience(s)(s)(s).

P.S. For a long time I compensated for not having the right foot by bumping my needle position over to the right a couple of spaces. On my machine I could bump it from a O to a 2 and it was an exact 1/4”. But..make sure you measure the needle settings on your machine before you try it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Juice Boxes


I love this quilt….especially for a little boy (or girl) toddler bed. This one is a crib size, I thought maybe it would be mega cute on my Ryan’s toddler bed someday….except I already have his circle quilt and it would clash with Ben’s quilt since they share a room.  Luckily that’s an easy fix…I’ll just make new ones.    Anyways, this is a great quilt for a beginner and a fast weekend project or last minute baby gift quilt. 


The fabrics are from lots of different lines.  The fish are by Heather Ross, there are a few polka dots and orange basket weave by Denyse Schmidt, a sort of polka dot by Heather Bailey, the darker blue and binding is Anna Marie Horner, and the aqua dot and orange/aqua dot is Amy Butler.  Wooo that’s a lot to remember.  Oh and the back is Michael Miller’s Zoology in Citron.

Monday, August 16, 2010

But when baby WON’T sleep…


HE “helps”.  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

PS.  You guys crack me up.  And NO I don’t exercise every day….some days I get my tennis shoes on and watch leotard ladies exercise while I eat Lucky Charms.  

Saturday, August 14, 2010


My most asked question & comment is….where do you find the time?  And since I’m bad at answering those questions…here’s my typical routine (Friday to be exact):

7 ish:  I wake up, exercise, eat a quick breakfast and hurry and shower while my husband is still home.

(Today I was doing a retro Gilad video where the girls wear sweet leotards and nylons.  How in the heck do those girls not get wedgies while they’re doing all those knee lifts?  Its a mystery.)IMG_5719

While I get ready, Ryan (the baby) usually wakes up…so I feed him and get both the boys dressed & ready.

After a quick email check while Ben watches cartoons, I tidy the kitchen after breakfast, put Ryan down for a nap, and we start our chore of the day. 


I break my household work up so that everyday we have a different chore:

M- clothes laundry day,  T- bathrooms, W- floors/dust, Th- kitchen & wipe downs, F- change/wash all the sheets and towels,  Sat- big jobs

10:30:  After Ryan wakes up we run our errands…today it was the pharmacy & Albertsons for jam supplies.

12:00:  We have lunch &  both kids go down for a nap.  Hopefully.  Then I sing Hallelujah praises and run around my house like a mad woman trying to get anything I ever wanted to do…done.   Actually since the kids sleep for about 2 hours, I usually take half an hour to do computer stuff, and the rest of the time I sew.  Today I sewed together a quilt top:


After both boys are up I pull a pre-made casserole out of the freezer to thaw, then we head to a park or play “lets organize all the toys”.  Today we went to the Nature Park…which is right next to the sewage treatment plant.  Let me tell ya…once that breeze picked up we were out of there in a HURRY.  They should rename it the poop-park since that’s what everybody calls it anyways.

7-ish:   My husband comes home, we have a yucky Taco Casserole, then the boys play while I clean up dinner.  Afterwards we do a 15 minute clean up of toys, etc.  Then its pajamas, scriptures, family prayer and bed time for the boys around 8:30. 

8:30:   Once the kids are in bed I usually do a quick once over making sure the house is tidy, then I get my computer stuff done…and then sewing or binding while we watch a movie.

11:00:  BEDTIME!  And then 5 minutes after I fall asleep the baby wakes up and wants to eat.  :) Because that’s just the way it works.


And that’s that.  Nothing special.  I get all my sewing done during naps and after bedtime.  Of course it also helps that I don’t watch T.V.  and I really do try to limit my computer time to a 1/2 hour email check in the morning and a 1/2 hour check at night…more if I’m writing a post or editing pictures.  Lucky for me my husband had a 2 month break before he started work after we moved….so it was the perfect opportunity to get my “pattern” stuff done and quilts done while he could watch the kids more.

Also I want to add (like this post isn’t long enough), that sewing is an important part of my day.  Its the only thing that stays finished.  Tomorrow I will get up and do this whole routine all over again, but that quilt top?  Its FINISHED.  There will always be toys to pick up, meals to cook, and toilets to scrub.  Sewing is my sanity….and worth every minute.

Friday, August 13, 2010

All Patched Up

I got the idea for this one after making the raw edge circle quilt tutorial.  Its pretty much the same concept plus some pieced squares and some sizing differences.  This one is a throw size…and I’m so so glad I saved that Whimsy fat quarter set this whole time because its perfect in this quilt. 

IMG_5483-1 IMG_5489

Its quilted by first stippling around all the circles and then going back and free motioning a swirl in each one.   Oh and you might see some Meadowsweet, Hunky Dory green and some Riley Blake fabric in there too. I couldn’t resist…they matched so well and I added that Riley Blake orange fabric in just for fun in true Allison style.  Peace out!

Finishing a Quilt

Thanks for all the pattern love….and the me-being-a-hermit understanding. :)

I’ll share more about the quilts in the next few posts, but for now I wanted to share the button on my sidebar that looks like this:

finish button

If you click on it you can download the PDF that includes my how-to tutorials for basting, quilting, and binding.  Its long….sorry about that…and I kind of ramble….and I didn’t edit it or anything so don’t expect any all star quality.  Its the same one I try to include with the PDF patterns.  Mainly this is an attempt to answer 96% of the emails I get daily.  Hopefully it will help some of the many beginning quilters out there take the next step and FINISH THAT QUILT!   Enjoy!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I’ve been…



Moving my sewing space.


Eating (and drinking) like crap. 


Oh and F.Y.I. those Kisses came from Hawaii, which I’m told is the only place you can get them.  They are so worth going to Hawaii for….the beaches are just a perk.

I’ve been planning more projects to make after my projects.


And best of all….watching this little guy grow  and grow and grow right before my eyes.  He’s almost 5 months…..5 MONTHS!!!  Sad.


I’ve also been working a little…..at my real job.  Because there’s nothing I love more than scraping teeth all day.  LOVE IT.  ha.  :)  Now back to it….we’ll talk soon!

Monday, August 2, 2010

More dogs…

I used my last little bits of Heather Ross dog fabric for this one along with my last two scraps of that cute helicopter print…


The back is the softest Robert Kaufman flannel ever and the sparse quilting makes it extra snuggly.


Its in the shop.