Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Good Life Quilt

I hardly ever forget to blog about a quilt….but in all of the craziness last month I completely forgot about the Off Track quilt I made for the Robert Kaufman booth at market.  I have NO pictures of it finished (or the quilt itself)…so luckily this one popped up on the Swatch and Stitch blog:


(thank you whoever took that picture!)

The fabric is The Good Life collection and it was so much fun to work with…definitely a much needed jump out of my normal color scheme. 


Between this and the last quilt, I hereby promise to take better pictures of my quilts.  Unless I completely forget…which is likely.


Sasha said...

It looks so pretty. I really like the colors!! I never have nice pictures on my blog :( My husband promised to take some for me from now on =D

karenfae said...

very modern looking - I really like the look.

Nancy said...

Love that quilt! I can't seem to take very good pictures either, my husband keeps showing me how to use the camera setting but it always seems to be hit or miss.

Betty Lou said...

Well, it is another beauty by Allison. Glad you found a picture.

Jude said...

Isn't this the quilt you sewed yourself to? ...could be why you might have forgotten a pic! I saw it at market and it was gorgeous! .....and your sexy sewing glove was not attached! Rock on!

Natasha said...

Wow I love this quilt. Reminds me of pretty pictures in a rom with ribbon behind them.

Alexandrite Woman said...

I really love this quilt. Glad you were able to get a picture of it. Isn't the net amazing? I know what you mean about forgetting -- I made my niece a beautiful bag for her school books and five pillow cases and never even thought of taking pictures! I asked her to do so (she's 16) and after she finally did, her family computer ate her SD card! Sigh!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful quilt! So happy you found a pic of it to post.

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