Friday, February 25, 2011

Made by you

mosaicd12173db9de4efdc9d9fe0ff20fb8366677932d21. Easy Bake Quilt Top, 2. Pretty Petals, 3. IMG_7019, 4. double hourglass, 5. Citrus Quilt, 6. feltflowerpillow4, 7. a new pillow, 8. Car Seat Cover - Girl Version, 9. Mom's Quilt, 10. Zig Zag Baby Quilt, 11. Double hourglass baby quilt, 12. DSC_0390, 13. Raw Edge Circle quilt top done, 14. Hopeful Quilt, 15. IMG_6434, 16. 054

I love seeing what you make.  LOVE it.  It makes me want to go sit at my sewing machine and sew all day long (as if).  I just wanted to share some of the fabulous quilts and projects you’ve shared with me…some off flickr and some from emails.  Thank you for sharing them!

Basket Case, Chain Reaction and Easy Bake Quilt made by Irelle and Wendy at the Fabric Quarter Quilt Shop:Untitled-1

Juice Boxes Quilts by Kellie and Coni:


This cute cute CUTE Chain reaction quilt made from the animal card print is available  as a kit at the Fabric Quarter Quilt Shop here.  And if you happen to get it, don’t forget there is a 10% off coupon code (CLUCK10) on her sponsor button over there----->


I’m trying to pack my suitcases as fast as I can while my kids are at school/asleep….the kids and I are off to Vegas tonight to escape the snow for a week.  Off I go!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Protection for the Leapster


Ben got a Leapster for Christmas….and it needed some protection.  I made this little box bottom zip pouch for it to fit in, with a big pocket on the outside for games and a nice thick handle he can carry it around in. 


Anna has a good tutorial here, I just changed up the sizing a bit and added a pocket and a handle.


Maybe with a little luck this pouch will add some years to the Leapster’s life.  Because (almost) 4 years olds and semi-expensive electronics don’t mix (cringe).

You can find those elephants here in other colors and here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reading blogs…

Is bad for the bank account.


I was doing so well resisting these perfect circles until I saw them popping up on blogs. After seeing that perfect green for the third time I had it in my cart and ordered before my brain caught up to the hand controlling the mouse. Luckily these did not disappoint…they are perfect. You can find them here or here.


I love looking at new blog posts in the actual blog vs a reader. But I love my google reader. Luckily I just learned pretty much the best thing ever since butter in a tub (ok maybe not but still)… if you go to your google reader, hit settings in the upper right corner—>reader settings--->goodies---> put reader in a bookmark, and drag that little box that says “next” to your bookmark toolbar….you can hit that next button and it will take you from blog to blog in your reader. So you see the new posts on the actual blogs. Its so fun…and when you get to the end of your reader you’ll see that page in the picture up there telling you it’s the end. Its awesome.


Last but not least, I had to show you this amazing quilt Amber made with the Kaleidoscope pattern to auction off for the benefit of this family. You’ll be able to find the auction details on Amber’s site soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We had a low key Valentines day where we barely left the house, put the kids to bed at 7, ordered in Chinese food, and watched movies and funny TV.  I even got to sew…and stare at these lovelies from Jay next to my machine:


Ben got a load of Valentines and candy that he downed within an hour…but since it was SUCH a nice day he spent the whole after noon playing outside with friends and eluded my camera.  Fresh air and sunshine was just what he needed.


And I snuggled with Ryan….and cleaned up after him…as he is now a semi-walking tornado of destruction.


Hope you had a nice one too!

PS.  I feel like a big jerk….I told you that I would have a tutorial up for this quilt….but I took some advice from a new friend who knows what she’s doing…and I’m not posting the tutorial here.  It will be available…not sure when…but I’ll let you know.  I’m so sorry…I really feel like a jerk.  But please if you have any specific questions about it or sizing...don’t hesitate to email me (  So Sorry!  

P.S.S.   Just ignore the fact that I just used 38 …’s (dot dot dot’s) in this post….yikes. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines and Spiderman


I was on the ball this year…no frantically running through Target the night before Valentines Day for me!  Not that I do that…..okay I do.   But this year I knew if I waited ‘till the last minute I would be stuck buying leftover Spiderman valentines…and these are much cuter. 


I’ve seen this idea so many times on-line and just never had a kid big enough to stand there with his hand out and stay still long enough for me to take a picture.  So this year I made these for Ben’s class…which means his class gets double Valentines because Spiderman ones may have already made it into my cart to avoid an all out Valentines Day war.  I mean really…who can compete with Spiderman?

Happy (early) Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little Climber


This quilt reminds me of my baby going up and down the stairs 1500 times a day. Chasing him up and down is the only exercise I get lately so I guess it’s a good thing!


The back of this one is the big Make Life dot by Sweetwater (bought here) and I quilted this following the lines of the "steps" with an extra line on the top edges of each step for an extra something.


It’s machine bound in Kona Aqua. This one is in the etsy shop.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Foot Quilt

*** The giveaway winners were Hattie and Rebecca.   I sent you both emails already!

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that has a foot quilt on the bed?  It’s a narrow quilt that just covers the feet and I started one for our bed with Soul Blossoms.


It measures 38" x 100", so its just big enough for the end of the bed.  I made this one on-point (squares on the diagonal….bleh).  I don’t like making on-point quilts AT ALL…but I like the look of them so I sucked it up and made it anyways. 


Now that I have this top done my husband and kind-of-me decided that we want a  full King sized quilt instead so we can take off the annoying duvet cover (as in the one I JUST made!!!!)  So now I want to make a real king sized quilt for our bed…but not with these fabrics.  Sigh. 

ps.  Thank you for all your great keep-kids-busy ideas!   Today I am putting snow in the bathtub for my kids to play in…cause we have plenty of snow.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Coops

We have a serious case of the "coops" (i.e. its cold as heck outside so we never leave our house). 


Luckily a big box came in the mail to make a bean bag game out of….it cured the coops for at least 5 minutes.  How do you keep your kids entertained during the winter???  I’m running out of ideas….big time.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You asked for it

My "quilt" closet:


It’s a tiny weird closet in right outside my bedroom and STUFFED with mostly quilts.  Plus there are some in my buffet:Sewing Stuff1-1

And I won’t even show you the tubs in the garage…yes the garage.  And this doesn’t even account for the quilts being used around our house…which is a lot.  Gulp.  I have a lot of quilts.  I always feel a tinge of guilt when I start another one….like why in the world do I keep making these?  But… I love making them, and honestly its more about enjoying the process than having the finished quilt.  If all I wanted was a quilt then by golly I’d go buy me one (this one to be exact).  So here’s to more quilts…and feeling a little guilty but doing it anyways.  And to eating a whole pack of donut holes…and not feeling guilty at all.