Friday, April 29, 2011

A Better Look

Here is a very wrinkly closer look at the Skipping Squares quilt for those of you that asked:

The fabrics are from the Denyse Schmidt collection now at Joann’s.  The only other fabrics I added are the grey and white polka dot, the Sherbet Pips red with tiny white squares (my favorite red basic to date), and the bright blue and white polka dot. 

I’ve heard a lot of positive and plenty of negative about this collection…but I really love it.  I don’t love every single print…but I never love ever single print in a collection.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sprockets are fun

Turns out my kids really love sprocket pillows.  They can be rolled down the hall.…jumped on…thrown down the stairs…the list goes on and on.   So I had to make them their own…before mine were literally beat to pieces.   I started with this cute stack of fabric Ben picked out (with some mommy editing):

Aren’t those robots cute?  I did a trade with Ariel (it’s her own design) for it…and I’m pretty positive  got the better end of the deal.   After a quick sew and letting Ben do the stuffing…he ended up with a cute pillow he can play with.

So now his room has a robot pillow, pirate sheets, elephant curtains, a superman poster, animal alphabet flashcards and a batman cave in it.  His poor room has an identity crisis.

He loves his pillow.  I’m not sure the pillow loves him back though….we’ll give it a week and see if it still has the stuffing.

And ‘cause you asked…I called them sprocket pillows because my husband was assembling a bike while I was assembling these pillows.  Bike sprockets...round pillows...get it?  
Yeah me neither….just smile and nod.