Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ready or not

Baby #3 is well on his/her way.

Sorry for the creepy ultrasound picture…but it’s the law of blogging-you-are-pregnant…you must share the ultrasound picture.
I’m due March 19th…so I’ll have 3 babies born in March…so every March we’ll be the party house and sick of cake. :) We are really excited…I’m not feeling ready for 3 kids, but it will come. To celebrate I started a baby quilt that I’m not quite sure about:

I’m trying to jump out of my color comfort zone…but it might be a mistake. I’ll show you even if it is...unless it's really bad.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dots and pink

I got this lovely all pieced last week.  It went together even better than expected and I managed to sew all the sashings together without any swear words…thanks to good music and Sugar Babies. 
I have the backing all ready and hopefully I’ll get this basted after I clean my kitchen floor.

The pink is a slightly different shade than in the front fabric…but at 4.75 a yard I couldn’t resist  (I think it’s sold out now).   It’s very very pink.   The front fabric is Ruby…available in October.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Round and pink…

As in a pink fuzzy Sprocket Pillow.  

This one is trimmed with pink chenille, up-cycled from my Mom’s old robe.  I love the vintage look it gives it.   This one is staying at my Mom’s house…it’s way too pink for mine.

I love the feel of chenille that is older and well used…it’s softer and better quality than anything I’ve ever found on a bolt.    So next time your at your thrift store and you see a nice chenille robe you might just want to pick it up.  Just make sure its pink (like a sweet old lady who never wore it) or white (bleachable).  
Cause you never know who’s naked-ness was in that robe.  :)

Friday, September 2, 2011


I’m home from a lovely trip to WA and back to laundry, cranky children, and a car that is in desperate need if vacuuming.  Coming home from vacation is the worst part of vacation.  :)  I managed to get these photos edited….this quilt is my favorite yet (I always say that). 

The fabric is from this fat quarter stack at The Fat Quarter Shop.  The pattern is called Seville (big surprise) and is available in my own shop in hard copy or PDF, and at The Fat Quarter Shop here.   This pattern in is full color….all of mine from now on will be. 

The pattern uses 10 fat quarters plus white fabric and a border.  I wouldn’t call it a hard pattern because the blocks go together very quickly and easily, but you do have to have some experience seam matching and pinning when your sewing the quilt together. 
I sure do love this quilt!   Now back to cleaning up spilled Frosted Flakes in my carpet….