Friday, October 28, 2011

Apples finish

I got a burst of energy the other night (doesn’t happen very often) and finished up this sweet quilt.   My favorite part of this quilt is this little family playing ring-around-the-rosies.

This one is going to live with cousins….but we snuck in a little quilt time before we packaged it up.   Someone has to make sure it works… right?

Luckily it works just fine and the texture of this one is really great.  I haven’t washed a new quilt for awhile and I forgot all about the anticipation of pulling a fresh quilt out of the dryer and seeing that crinkly goodness!

Friday, October 21, 2011


This quilt has been done for about a month and I am just now getting photos on and posted….talk about a crazy (fun!) month we’ve had.  Plus it’s been sitting in the back of my car since the Sewing Summit and I forgot it was back there (shameful). 
I quilted this with an all-over loopy pattern, and did the borders in a wavy back and forth pattern…not like you can see it but hey…it’s there.   This one was made with a Ruby layer cake (here, here, here, here, here, or here…so basically almost everywhere) and pattern (here, here or here…in hard copy or PDF). 
And in other news…I dug out my maternity jeans today (aka stretchy pants).

I’m at the awkward my-regular-pants-are-too-tight  but maternity-jeans-don’t-stay-up faze of this pregnancy.   Thanks goodness for skirts and pajama pants…they never let me down.  :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I’ve had new ties on my to-make list for so long…they are so easy to make but its getting myself to make them that is the problem!   I used this pattern…only I didn’t use fusible interfacing on the larger tie and I used elastic for the neck band for the smaller one. 

Now that I’m in tie making mode I want to whip out a few more for the holidays.  Plus at the rate these boys destroy their clothes I might need a few more.  

Literally 2 seconds after I took these pictures they were covered in grass stains from knees to elbows…good thing I buy Oxi-clean in bulk. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Growing on me

I tried to go a little out of my color comfort zone on this one…so I threw in that salmon color and I wasn’t so sure about it.  Now I think I like it though.  It’s more mild than using red…and not too orange either. 

This (of course) was my quilt inspiration. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sewing Summit Weekend

I had a great time at the Sewing Summit this past weekend.  It was so fun to meet other people who love this stuff like I do.  I was so bad though….I took NO pictures.  Not  None.  My excuse is that my camera decided it’s had enough of me and doesn’t focus anymore…and so I need to buy a new one.  I don’t have the heart to tell my husband how much $$$$  it is though…ouch they are expensive. 
Anyways…so these pictures are Emily’s (thank you Emily).
I taught the class on free motion quilting…it was really fun.   For some it was their first time trying to quilt…for others they were already good at it…so my only hope was that everybody left having tried something new and being more comfortable with it. 

I got good at quilting backwards standing up…this could come in handy someday. 
Anyways…sorry for the lack of photos…hopefully everyone else took lots!  I had such a wonderful time meeting all of you that went…thank you for being so sweet and making it such a great weekend.  And thank you to Vanessa for letting me be your shadow all weekend and letting me drag you to Walmart.  :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bright fall colors

Thank you for all the baby #3 well wishes….we are really excited and it means a lot to know most of you have been there/done that too!  :)

I’ve had these Shortcake blocks half-way finished since March and decided that I should get a move on it and sew them up.   This dark, fall-ish fabrics gives the pattern such a different look than my last Shortcake quilt…it sure makes the white pop. 

This fabric is called Oh My! by Sanae for Moda.   It came out awhile ago…but I still found jelly rolls here, here, and yardage here also.   This particular quilt is a throw size and made with a  jelly roll.  

It’s definitely a bright quilt.  :)