Monday, May 7, 2012



Yesterday I let my boys help me cut my small scraps into circles using the Accuquilt cutter.  I’m not sure "help" is the right word…..I took a 2 second bathroom break and came back to scraps everywhere.


Scraps in every room on every surface…even in the kitchen sink.  Literally.  I would have taken a picture to prove it but there were dishes in that sink too….LOTS of dishes. 

Boys are crazy…and loud…and I love them to death…but they’re loud…especially in pairs.


Earlier in the day I got everybody ready for church only to find out our church had been rescheduled for earlier that morning…so we missed it.  Getting 3 kids ready + myself semi-ready for church is hard work.


So I got everybody un-ready and we headed to a park for a picnic.  Gotta love Sundays.

If your in the market for pre-cuts this week Jera at Quilting in the Rain is having a pre-cut sale:




Have a great week! –Al

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Johanna said...

I really think kids plan out exactly what they want to do during our bathroom breaks. There is no way that they can come up with ideas AND have time to do them. Your kids are too cute!

Betty Lou said...

Love your post, we had three boys and I was always going to write a book "Three to get Ready." Then several years later, we had a little girl, had to change the title to "Four to Go." I know it sounds crazy but I would love to have those days back. Enjoy your family. Hugs

Melinda said...

My son (4) is a big fan of cutting my thread and wrapping it around Lego guys to make mummies when I'm in the bathroom.

randi--i have to say said...

Little boys are a handful, for sure! But oh so fun! :)

Carla said...

Your children are adorable. Glad you got your girly. She's precious. I had 5 boys----then a girl : )
Have a great week.

notes of sincerity said...

Too cute! :o) Don't you just love boys? Unpredictable. :o) And just look at your sweet little miss! How big she is getting. So pretty!!
Will you be making yo-yos from your circles?

Cynthia said...

Enjoy every moment with your loud, louder, cute, cute boys!!

Becky said...

Haha! They're all so adorable! My "louder" is not not only louder than ME, but taller too :-O. We still call our 2 boys "Thing 1 and Thing 2". When my boys were very young, I just loved the surprised reactions of my 2 noise makers from moms who only had girls ;-). Enjoy your little baby girl!!

Kellie said...

Got my new patterns today.... LOVE the new professional look of them! Good work!

Leigh Anne said...

That is exactly what I would expect to see if I let my two girls free in my sewing area :)

Patti said...

Your children are gorgeous. They grow up far too quickly. I'm a Grandma of 4 now. Too fast. Everything went too fast. Enjoy them and their mischief.

Angela said...

I'm so pleased to hear your boys are LOUD and LOUDER - I thought that was just my boys! And let's not talk about my LOUDEST number 3 girly, I hope yours is QUIET/ER. Love these pictures.

girlsfour said...

Gotta love 'em!

Cute little boys and adorable baby girl!!!

Pile O' Fabric said...

Your daughter is sooo beautiful!!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Two girls together are LOUD too. At least they are in this house. Then again, they are my kids.

Meg said...

Is there a pattern for that quilt your boys are laying on in your shop? I love the pieced circles appliqued on top!


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