Sunday, August 19, 2012

Odds and Ends

Neon Zig Zag Cluck Cluck Sew

The past couple of weeks got away from me in a good way…enjoying the last bits of summer.

While my sister was in town she made that cute little chevron quilt up there…but I haven’t touched the sewing machine in 2 weeks!


Between nice lazy days on the beach we’ve been painting…lots and lots of painting.  The new house needs a fresh coat of paint…and painting over a high-gloss midnight blue bedroom takes awhile! 

Between that I have my furniture red0 projects…what’s a few more projects right?

Quilt Tear Fixed, Cluck Cluck Sew

I stitched up my first hole-in-a-quilt today.

 This quilt is loved.  It’s our Go-To park/picnic/drive-in movie/road trip/campfire/read books in bed/movie night/fort making/naptime quilt…so it’s a lucky quilt.

Now it has a scar to prove it. 

If you haven’t had a change to visit and read about the Action Kivu Fundraiser you can read about their great cause and story here.   They are almost to their goal! 


themissymom said...

The colors in your sister's quilt are wonderful!
Just think how great it will feel when you actually sit down and sew again. You will go like a maniac.
What great projects and special moments to fill this time of year for you.
I look forward to your picture posts with the finished projects.

angie said...

Oh man, I seriously LOVE everything you create! You make me want to throw my to do list out the window and sew sew sew! Good thing my job involves cute fabric, otherwise I would be in big trouble!

Pauline said...

I've been following your hour glass quilt because some day I want to make one. I noticed that you line up your white squares to mark the centers with a marking tool. I found an easier, wonderful way to make hst's and qst's without the marking and they come out perfect every time! I bought from Pam Bono Designs a gadget called "The Angler 2" You tape it to your machine bed and sew away. I use painters tape because it comes up easy with no sticky residue. The only downside is it has to be partially removed to replace a bobbin. No big deal for me. I start with a full bobbin and rarely have to replace. Take a look, it might help you.

Amanda Rose said...

Beautiful! My well loved quilts have little holes but no stitches!

Amanda Rose

cottonreel said...

My chevron quilt is coming along nicely .If I'm able to get to my sewing machine today I will finish the top ,then onto my frame sometime during the week , hopefully.
I'd like to do the hourglass next . I still have lots of scrap fabric I want to use up.

Live a Colorful Life said...

What a beautiful chevron quilt.

For furniture projects, have you ever tried Annie Sloan paint? I keep meaning to ask you--I'm ready to try it because it requires no sanding, no prepping, nothing but making sure the piece of furniture is clean and the cobwebs are gone. It's pricy but I would gladly pay a little extra to avoid all the prep work!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Hope the settling in comes soon.
PS Did you hear the news? Babes in arms now allowed at Market.

Wanda said...

Do you by chance remember what fabric is next to the orange chevron? I just love the dots and want to find some. Thanks.

Claire Jain said...

I love your quilt repair. The last month has kind of gotten away from me, too ;-) Hence catching up on blogs. I love Cheryl's comment about Babes in Arms at QM.

Julian Woodard said...

I personally did not realize that the quilt is repaired. Awesome work. Really appreciable...