Friday, February 24, 2012


I don’t know if these are old news or not ( I’ve seen them for sale here…and lots for sale here).  I saw them at quilt market but hadn’t whipped mine out until a few weeks ago to mark a quilting line.  You draw the line on the fabric with the pen…

The sweep a warm iron over the fabric and the line disappears….genius!   I don’t even think these are just for fabric because since I’ve had mine I saw the checker at my grocery store using one.  I wanted to swipe it from him.   :)

Since the iron just has to be barely warm…it’s been hours of entertainment for my kids.   If I press too hard (like I did on the line above) I can see a small indentation line after I’ve ironed the pen away…but it goes away after a few minutes.  Fun huh?
Note:  Lots of you said that the ink comes back after it’s exposed to cold.  So I guess don’t use these anywhere that will be visible…but for marking lines to make triangles, etc.  they are awesome!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Uber-crinkly Improv Quilt

I finally got this quilt finished…the scrappy binding is perfect for it.  It crinkled up SO much in the wash…I don’t’ think I’ve ever had one crinkle up so much.  Or maybe I just haven’t washed a new quilt in awhile and I wasn’t expecting this:

to crinkle to this:

Don’t get me wrong I still love it…but sometimes I wonder why on earth I worry about quilting it nicely if you can’t even tell once it’s washed.  I even pre-washed the backing on this one.  Anyways…I’m not sure if I’ll keep this one or find it a new home…it’s a nice small size, maybe 28" x 36"…good for a car seat quilt!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Scrappy binding

I was short on binding fabric…so I combed through my scraps and made a really scrappy one.  The pieces were all cut about 6" long, give or take a couple of inches.

The tricky part is keeping the seams of the binding away from the mitered corners…I didn’t think that out before I sewed it on but all but I lucked out with all but one.  It will just be the funky corner…there’s always at least one funky corner.

It’s a nice addition to a really simple quilt top!