Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Modern Quilting?

What do you consider "Modern Quilting"?   I’ve had the question swirling in my head for ever…but I still haven’t come up with an answer. 


(Modern or not?  It looks modern…but it was made in 1865)

I don’t consider myself a modern quilter.  I like bright fresh colors, clean and simple designs, and loads of white, plus I’m in a young(er) generation….but does that make me a modern quilter? 

I don’t think so.

Almost any "traditional" quilt block can be made modern…and a lot of modern designs are simply updated traditional patterns.  Take these quilts for example…they are the exact same pattern, but one looks more traditional:

Traditional fabrics:

traditional quilt

Modern (really bright!) fabrics:

modern quilt

So are fabric choices enough to call it a "modern" quilt or myself a "modern" quilter?

I look at antique quilts and the improvisational quilts of Gee’s Bend and they scream MODERN.  But they were were made in the early 1900’s.   So what makes a quilt modern or not?


Looks modern…


and so does that one.

After searching I found these, really, great, posts about it.  I think my own quilting style is more "fresh traditional" or "updated traditional"…although I’m bound to slip a "modern" in here and there.  :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

To Market and Back

I’m back from market, unpacked, and enjoying having nothing to do…besides the normal stuff.

I didn’t dare take my big camera…so I didn’t take any pictures (sorry)!


The highlight this year was having my husband there.  He did most of the set up/take down and took good care of the booth while I was out with the baby and walked around…I’m a lucky girl.

I came home with a lovely fat quarter bundle I’ve had my eye on…


and added my favorite brochures and cards to my sewing room wall.


Market is an adventure, and overwhelming, and tiring…but in a good way.  I leave needing a break from all things fabric/sewing/quilting…but not too long a break.  :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

100 blocks


I have another block in the newest 100 Blocks magazine

You want to know something awful though???  Ok not that awful…but funny.  An editor emailed to ask me whether I wanted my real name or Cluck Cluck Sew on the cover….and I could not for the life of me remember sending them a block to be in the issue!  I guess I sent it last summer….but I still couldn’t figure out what block they had until the issue actually came…then I remembered. 


After I saw what block I had made I scoured through my gazillion photos and yep…there it was.  Proof that I actually did make the block and my memory is awful…yet I can remember the phone number of my best friend in 5th grade with no problem...geesh.


The winners of the FQS giveaway were Karen P. and Cindy O.  I emailed both of you lucky ducks.

I’m off to market tomorrow….and today I’m doing everything that I should have done in the past 2 months but kept putting off…not the best plan of attack.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sophie Quilt


I’ve wanted to make a pieced flower quilt for a while now…so having a girl was the perfect excuse.  The fabrics are from my stash…lots of different fabric lines and solids.  The center circles are appliqued on to add some “round-ness”.


After debating for way to long about how to quilt the flowers I decided to leave the petals un-quilted.  They have a 3D effect that I love.  My Mom has a flower quilt that was quilted this way and I’ve always loved it…so I copied.  The circles each got a swirl in them with stippling all over the rest.


Sophie loves it:

sophie loves quilt

Or at least she will….someday…crossing fingers.

The pattern comes in 5 sizes and is available here as a PDF or hard copy.   

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sponsored Giveaway: The Fat Quarter Shop


I have an amazing giveaway from the Fat Quarter Shop for you today….I’m jealous of the winner(s) already.

 Click the link below to enter the giveaway:


Monday, May 7, 2012



Yesterday I let my boys help me cut my small scraps into circles using the Accuquilt cutter.  I’m not sure "help" is the right word…..I took a 2 second bathroom break and came back to scraps everywhere.


Scraps in every room on every surface…even in the kitchen sink.  Literally.  I would have taken a picture to prove it but there were dishes in that sink too….LOTS of dishes. 

Boys are crazy…and loud…and I love them to death…but they’re loud…especially in pairs.


Earlier in the day I got everybody ready for church only to find out our church had been rescheduled for earlier that morning…so we missed it.  Getting 3 kids ready + myself semi-ready for church is hard work.


So I got everybody un-ready and we headed to a park for a picnic.  Gotta love Sundays.

If your in the market for pre-cuts this week Jera at Quilting in the Rain is having a pre-cut sale:




Have a great week! –Al

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tea Party

One last pattern quilt to share…jelly roll friendly Tea Party.  This one was made with a Vintage Modern jelly roll.  The background fabric is Kona Solid in Ice Frappe, it’s a nice minty aqua without being too AQUAAAA!!!!  If you know what I mean.
tea party coverp hoto
The quilting was done by again by April Rosenthal…she did an amazing job free handing swirls and flowers all over.  The backing is Ta Da Dot by Michael Miller in lipstick.

 If you’ve ordered PDF patterns and haven’t received them please email me…you should have had them instantly.  Thanks!