Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today I was a pillow cover making machine.  In between being a laundry folding, floor mopping, breakfast (fruit snacks count right?)/lunch/dinner making, toy cleaning, kid scrubbing, baby loving, diaper changing machine…of course.

I ordered fabric from 2 weeks ago (2 WEEKS!) and it finally came today.  My white Ikea pillow forms are now a greyish-brown-peanut-butter-cheese-cracker-hands color from sitting bare on my couch for 2 weeks…so I quickly covered them up when the fabric came.
A few for the living room and a couple for the bed.

I cut a deal with my husband when we moved in this house…I get the spare room for sewing if he gets to put his ugly TV on the buffet (which he painted!) in the family room.  So I tried to beautify that big black eyesore…and I’m even starting to like it there (almost).

We live deep in the trees now…so while its beautiful, it is really hard to take good blog photos!
This was the family room 3 weeks ago.  GREEN!

Pillow fabrics: Blue dot, Grey Dandelion, Leaf Garland. The Ikea down pillow forms are only $6.99 and my favorite. Worth picking up a few if you ever get by an Ikea!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Boy #1 Quilt Finished

The other man of the house got his quilt just in time to start Kindergarten.  He goes to school in the very same classroom I went to 25 years ago!  

His is also backed with nice soft minky and got the same quilting.

And the best part?  The boys have no problem making their own beds now!  
Anybody have a clever solution to changing the sheets on the top bunk without me awkwardly crawling up there?  And don’t say  never change the sheets…I already thought of that one.  :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Boy 2 Strip Quilt Done

I crossed "make the boys new quilts" off of my Summer bucket-list just in time for school to start. 

EVERY night my boys kick their top sheets off or to the bottom of the bed…so I gave up on top sheets and backed these quilts with a super duper soft minky (the silver is out of stock now).  It was definitely an investment (it was $8.48 a yard when I bought it!)  but it will be worth it if I don’t have to dig for that darn top sheet every morning.

Because the back is minky I paid a long arm quilter to do the quilting.  I’ve quilted with minky in the past but its not my favorite and requires a lot of basting spray/pins.  Kathy did the quilting and did just enough to make it look great without making it too stiff… as minky backed quilts can be.

He loves it.  Now I just need it to have magic powers and make my kids sleep in past 6 AM.  *yawn*

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little dresser re-finish

Ready or not for another dresser re-finish???  It’s all I got…so I hope you don’t mind!
I walked into Goodwill last month and this little dresser had to be mine.  I went over to the counter, paid the $20 and it turns out another lady bought the dresser at the SAME time!  What are the odds?!  So the worker compared our receipts and I bought it 3 minutes before she did.  Needless to say she was mad at me and stormed off in a huff…it was worth it.
The knobs are my favorite.

Now its fresh faced and happy in my home.

I spray painted the blue (Slate blue spray paint from Home Depot) and rolled the drawers.  I don’t usually spray paint large-ish furniture because the sheen is always a bit off in places…but I added a water based protectant afterwards that evened it out.
I even happened to snap a "real" photo (checking my light) before I cleared all of my crap off and made my house look clean for the photo above.

Now you know my secrets.  :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Scrappy Bulls-eye

This little quilt was made for a church quilting class.   It’s made the same way as my Raw Edge Circle Quilt but with more than one size circle sewn onto the square before cutting them into quarters.

This little lady loves the texture of those circle edges. 

It’s a fast, fun quilt to make and I can’t wait to wash it…except now it has my mind whirling with pillows large and small I want to make with this pattern. 
So many ideas and too little time!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Sewing Room Dresser

Before we moved I spotted this dresser at a yard sale for $10…and into the van it went.

Our new house is a bit bigger than our last house…which means lots of empty space to fill on a tight budget.  Furniture redo’s are a cheap way to get well made furniture…and it makes me happy to give new life to an old piece.
The bottom needed a little trim to hide the worn edges.

A couple coats of blue paint later it was ready to fill to the brim with sewing odds and ends.

The knobs got a coat of black spray paint.

  Now I love this really really really heavy dresser….and I can cram aaaa-lot of stuff in those drawers!