Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flying by and pinwheels

The days sure fly by don’t they?  I’m trying to soak up my little 13 month old…this is one of my favorite ages.   We even match.

I gave up on my fabric diet last weekend.  So this pretty stack came in the mail along with with a new book from a sweet friend.

I’m just finishing up a new table runner.  I haven’t made pinwheels in so long…I forgot how much I love them.  It took all my willpower not to stay up all night making a quilt top. 

I used this much loved method (see it in action here!).  Basically you put 2 squares together, sew 1/4" around the edges and make 2 diagonal cuts to make the half square triangles. 
The only thing I don’t like about this method is your left with bias edges that stretch really easy and distort.  To prevent that, I starched my starting squares a lot…and my half square triangles turned out perfect.  

So perfect I didn’t even have to square them up…just trim off the little seam ears with scissors.

And if I zoomed out on that picture you’d see…

…they are a permanent fixture on our floor.  Random fact.
Here are the starting squares sizes and the finished pinwheel sizes I got from them.  My pinwheels were squared up very slightly…the 7" pinwheel was probably closer to 7 1/4", but this is about the (un)finished size of pinwheels you can expect after squaring.

It’s a great way to use up leftover charm and layer cake squares!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


A chicken on the selvage?  Love it.  Even pink and yellow…a chicken’s a chicken.

I’ve been getting bits and pieces of Wallflowers in the mail.  Windham has a "Get to Know Me" post on their blog right now if you want to read more about me that you could ever want to know.  If you just look at the pictures I won’t feel bad.  ;)

I finished all of my quilts + patterns + proofing (blah) + printing this week.   Really I had 3 months to do it and I waited until the last week to do it all.  Someday I will not procrastinate.

Just kidding about that last part.

Since most of my things are done I am going to procrastinate make a table runner…just for fun.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Triangles for Alexis

I made this quilt for my new niece Alexis.  It looks huge compared to her tininess…but it’s a nice big size she can grow into a bit.   I used the 60 degree ruler by Creative Grids, and started with 6" strips and scraps.  In all honestly I don’t love sewing with triangles…but I always love the result!

I love adding a really soft backing to baby quilts with a light batting that keeps the quilt warm but not stiff.  I used a little bit of basting spray and pins, then minimally quilted some lines 1/2" away from the seams. 

My 3 year old helped me get photos of this quilt.  His cute little arms could barely hold the quilt up for one second before it got too heavy.

So if you’re in need of a quilt-holder-upper… I’ve got the 3 year old for you…and I’m happy to lend him out.

As long as you stay out of all social situations/grocery stores/Target/church/restaurants/gatherings and stock up on string cheese… he’ll do great.  ;)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I’ve been pluggin’ away at things…house things, sewing things, kid things, quilt market things, and the best kind of things…

holding a brand new niece lots and lots.  It makes me want to have another baby ( not now!)… but I have some husband convincing to do. 
I have a quilt all wrapped up for her… I’ll post a full picture tomorrow-ish.

  Everything is in various stages of completion…in between making lunches and running errands… somehow started things turn into finished things.

Isn’t that backing + binding cute?  The backing is from here (and $6.50 a yard).

This quilt block tutorial my friend Amanda posted is too cute not to share.  Her finished quilt is here.
We had first time pig-tails over here yesterday.  Mom (me) is really really horrible at doing little girls hair…especially wiggly 1 year old hair.

Luckily I’ll have lots more time to practice!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quilting Flowers

I’ve done a few baby quilts with these flowers and it’s so fun to do…so I snapped a couple of close ups to show.  Once I practiced a bit, quilting these flowers was even faster than stippling.
Disclaimer:  When I first started my flowers looked like this:

Uh-huh…bad.   Aaaaaand, as you can see…I left it.  It adds "character".
But after a few bad ones they started to look like this:

It resembles a flower this time!
Here are some step by steps…it’s a little tricky to follow the thread but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

(camera in one hand + quilt in the other = fuzzy picture...sorry)
Basically you are making 2 figure 8 designs, then the last loop or petal, and you move onto the next flower.  I drew it with pencil a few times before I tried it on a quilt…it obviously didn’t help as shown by the bad flower picture up there…but with a little practice they now look semi-good.   Try it!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Besides blogging I’ve…

Done oodles of crafts since Spring Break is in full swing…

Done some fabric shopping and got my first copy of this in the mail…

Pieced a baby quilt for my overdue niece (come on baby!)…

Spent many afternoons enjoying our beautiful weather…

Planted plants and started seeds…

Got strike-offs!

Made 3 birthday cakes, 1 cheesecake (this one is amazing) and 3 batches of cookies. 
Our little family has 4 birthdays within 1 month…which means we are really bad at family planning…and really sick of cake.

So so so sick of cake.