Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Wallflowers is in stores (finally!) and it’s been fun to see it popping up here and there.

Almost a whole year ago it started out as this:

Then from paper it went into the computer where it was digitized, colored, perfected, put in repeat, checked, re-checked, sent off, checked again, and finished!  More or less.
I spent way too many nights on the computer and drank way too much Dr. Pepper…but having it done and in my hands makes it all worth it and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

My Mom made this cute apron…I love how she left the selvages on.  :)

And this top that that Suzanne made is about the cutest thing ever:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finished Fall Basket Case

I was so happy to get this quilt finished up in time to use through the fall.  I sent this one to Kathy to be quilted and without any direction from me she did these amazing rows of loopty loops every 2 1/2”….it adds so much to this quilt.
Here’s a better look at Kathy’s quilting.  For some reason I bought almost a whole bolt of this Bella solid blue fabric a long time ago…luckily it makes a nice backing because I think I’ve backed 5 quilts with it now!
The binding is the green vine stripe from my Wallflowers line (out in stores now yay!).  I’ll do a better post on Wallflowers soon but in the meantime you can find it here, here, and here.
The pattern is Basket Case…you can find the pattern here.  Take a look at the top here and this post for how I modified the pattern for this quilt.
I’m off to brave Joann’s for Halloween costume materials…wish me luck.  ;)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby Bowtie

It was time to clear some space in my sewing room dresser…so this little quilt finally caught a break and was finished.  I made this quilt 2 years ago for a tutorial (you can find the tutorial here)…and now I can finally donate it and find it a home.
Days like this I’m thankful for quick finish projects that give me a little time to myself. 
Because this cute little girl is a whirlwind!!!

A very happy whirlwind that can unload my drawers and cupboards in seconds. :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quilting Tutorial: Churn Dash Block

I knew I wouldn’t have time to make a real pattern with yardage requirements and everything…so this will have to do for now!  This is a fun quilt to make…chain piece everything and you can whip up a stack of blocks quick-ish. ;)

This tutorial makes a 9" finished block (9 1/2" unfinished).

You’ll need:

1 – 3 1/2" square (the blue fabric)
2 – 3 7/8" squares print fabric (orange fabric)
2 – 3 7/8" squares white fabric
1 – 2" x 15" strip of print fabric
1 – 2" x 15" strip of white fabric

1.  Draw a diagonal pencil line from corner to corner on each white square.  Place the white squares and print squares right sides together, sew a scant 1/4" on each side of the pencil line, cut down the pencil line, and press towards the print fabric.  That was a mouthful…here’s a better look at making half square triangles if your brand new to it.

When your done you should have four half square triangles that measure 3 1/2" each.

2.  Sew the 2" strips together, press towards the print fabric.  Here’s a look at your pieces so far:

3.  Cut the strip until into four squares 3 1/2" each.

4.  Layout your pieces into the block.  Sew the pieces into 3 rows.  Press top and bottom row seams towards the center unit, and the center row seams towards the outer units. 

5.  Press the block well, it should measure 9 1/2".

  Happy Churn Dashing!  A better look at my whole quilt top can be found here

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Fall Churn Dash

I love the way this quilt turned out…the bits of purple and brown work so well together.  The Kaffe Fassett purple polka dot is my favorite print in this quilt.
The blocks measure 9" finished, and the quilt top measures 54" x 63".  I’ll get a block tutorial written up this weekend…it’s a fun one to make!

Aaaaaand…more bunny pictures.  ;)

Happy weekend!