Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby Wrap Measurements

I promised some of you instructions for this a few days ago…better late than never!  These are super quick instructions…once you start I’m positive you can figure this puppy out on your own, but here’s some guidance if you need it.

Baby wrap measurements

1.  Make a quilt sandwich for the front pocket, and one for the back of the wrap.  Just make sure they are bigger than your finished wrap will be (about the size of a fat quarter).

2.  Quilt the front pocket and quilt the wrap back.

3.  Cut the back piece to size in the “kite” shape.  You can either use my super high tech diagram and measurements up there or you can grab your most loved baby doll and measure it, leaving about 3” on either side of the doll. 

4.  Cut the pocket piece to size, using the cut back as a guide.  Bind the top edge of the pocket using a double fold binding and trim the edges to match the back once it’s pinned on.

5.  Pin the pocket piece to the back piece.  Bind around the entire thing and your done!  I didn’t use a bias binding because of the stripe and it was still pretty easy to bind around.

Happy baby making!  Oh wait….baby wrap making.  ;)


Keera Job - pattern co. said...

Hehe!! Somewhat pleased its a quick tutorial on wrap making and not of the other baby making kind!! Our Lil is just starting to really get into playing mum and has a little soft dolly which she drags everywhere with her. Have just finished a mini quilt for dolly { } but can see a wrap on the to-do list! Can't believe how your Sophie's grown by the way - she's just darling!
Keera x

Eva said...

Thanks for the instructions!
I am pinning this :o)

margaret said...

how cute is this, feel like rushing out and buying myself a doll so I can have one, at 66 think I am a bit too old!"!

Terri nana of 2 said...

Thanks! Must make this for granddaughters. Going to pin it.

SharronR said...

Thank you, Natalie will love this for her doll's.

Becky said...

Thanks for the instructions. I see American Girl size ones in my future.

Becky said...

These are so adorable. I need to make some for my grand daughters baby dolls. Thank you for sharing!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the instructions, beautiful.

Quiltingranny said...

You are such a talented lady!
I hope you will take a moment to stop by and leave a comment for my giveaway, I'm afraid not very quilty but crafty this time!

Elaine said...

Easy Peasy and adorable. What a good mommy, making for YOUR babies. WHat a legacy!

Marisa Jean said...

My daughter gets crazy frustrated with her baby blankets not staying in place. I could not figure out a solution other than taking the blankets away--but this will solve all my problems! Thank you a million times over! I'm making this today for both my girls. It's perfect!

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