Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Button Up

Button Up Quilt

I’ve had a chicken-scratch drawing in my notebook for 2 years and it finally turned into this quilt…Button Up!

Button Up Quilt Pattern

Buttons Quilt Back

I used a few prints from the Robert Kaufman line Botanics with some coordinating solids, and a couple of Kaffe Fassett polka dots mixed in.  Kathy did the quilting (my shoulders thank her!) and the back and binding are both Botanics prints (all from Pink Chalk Fabrics).

Buttons Quilt Crib size

Taking photos of quilts with 3 little photo-bombers in the house is nearly impossible!


This pattern is available in my pattern shop via PDF or Paper (pre-order..I’ll get these in a few days). 


Thank you for all the football quilt love!  I’ll admit I was worried to show you guys that one since it’s a little out of my box…so I’m relieved you like it as much as I do! 

Friday, January 24, 2014


This quilt started out as a joke…but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

Touchdown Pattern, Cluck Cluck Sew

Within a few days a plan was written out, and fabric was being cut.

Since we are Seahawks fans (go Hawks!) I made it in blues and greens.  I actually made 2 versions of this quilt…the first one was claimed by Boy #2 down there before it even had binding.  So I made another quilt for Boy #1 using more lime green.

Touchdown Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

  I’ve had so much fun imagining this in other team colors (yes I spent way too much time thinking about this!).  So whether you love the Buckeyes or the Broncos…it still makes an awesome quilt.

Team Colors

The pattern comes in a Kid size (a perfect couch quilt for a child…the layout shown above) or a Throw size.  This one was backed with an aqua minky fabric and quilted by Kathy If footballs can be cute, these are so cute!

Touchdown Quilt

Touchdown cover

This pattern is in my shop as a PDF or paper version (paper copies are pre-order, I’ll get them in about a week).  There are 2 other newbies in there also I’ll post about soon.  After a little hiatus from doing patterns it feels good to get something out of my head and published.


And just in case I forgot to mention it…go Seahawks!  ;) 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seeing Green


I started an impromptu quilt this week.  It’s been a bit crazy here with sickies and lots of to-do’s…so a quick easy quilt was in order.


I’m mixing some of my low volume fabrics with different shades of blue and green.  When I’m not too picky about “matching” my colors…I’m always happy with the outcome.


(Shhh…don’t tell anyone I didn’t trim up my HST’s before sewing them together!) 


I also managed a couple more of these blocks this week:


After making a couple more of these it’s safe to say I’m not making anymore ever.  But they were fun and they stretched my skills…which is a good thing!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Antique Dresdens, Cluck Cluck Sew

I swear it was only a couple of months ago when I finished this top…but turns out it was July!  All of these blocks were from an antique store in Port Townsend, WA.  Someone had hand pieced them, and they were sitting in a box waiting to be made into a quilt.

I posted more about this quilt on this post.

Cluck Cluck Sew, Antique Dresdens

Coo Coo Fabric

I sent this to Kathy to have her quilt it with a long armShe did a beautiful job bringing the dresdens to life. 

Antique Dresden Plates, Cluck Cluck Sew

The backing is a Henry Glass print, and I bound it in white.  I went back and forth what to bind it with but I love love love the white.

Antique Dresdens

Now I need to find it a home in my home…


…or make it into one of these for the winter???  (kidding!) Everyone already thinks I’m a crazy quilt lady so I might as well work it!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Binding Tutorial: Binding a quilt with the quilt back

How to bind a quilt using the quilt back

I made a doll quilt before Christmas and realized I’d never posted a tutorial on this quick and easy binding method.  Since I know a lot of you are beginners…this is a really great way to dip your toes into binding a quilt.  I especially love it for small things like hot pads, table toppers, or a mini quilt.
1.  Baste your quilt.  Normally I would cut the batting the exact same size as the quilt top…but in these pictures using this method was an afterthought.  Believe me though…it’s much much easier to start with the batting the same size as the quilt top! 


2.  Quilt like normal…except make sure none of your stitches go into the batting.  Start and stop all of your quilting stitches on the quilt top and backstitch.


3.  Carefully cut the batting away (if it was a bit larger than the quilt top).  This is tricky if you’ve quilted to the edge…which is why I recommend keeping your batting the exact same size as your quilt top before you start.  I’ve cut through many backings by accident doing this!


4.  Trim the backing fabric, leaving 1” around all sides of the quilt top.


5.  Start anywhere, and fold the binding over halfway…


…and then in half again, and pin.  You can do this on your ironing board and press it as you go…it makes it very simple.  Fold all the way down to the next edge.


6.  When you get to a corner, fold the corner up like so…


…then fold the next edge in half… 


…and in half again to make a nice mitered corner.  Pin it in place.  You might have to play with the corner a bit, but once you actually do this it will make sense. 

Continue until you’ve folded and pinned the binding around the whole quilt.


7.  Sew it down using a walking foot, right along the edge of the binding. Sew to the corner and leave the needle in the fabric as you lift the presser foot and turn to go down the next edge.  Easy as pie.


Now there are a couple of reasons I don’t love this method:

1.  It’s hard to square up the quilt and keep the edges nice and straight.  So I only use this on small things.

2.  You have to plan so your backing fabric will also look great as your binding fabric.

3.  If you quilt to the edge of your quilt top…you’re going to see it in the binding of the quilt on the back.  I normally wouldn’t quilt to the edge using this method and instead quilt 1” away from the edge or so…but it was an afterthought with this little quilt.


And there you go…an easy way to do bindings!  If you’re a beginner who is mastering bindings…here’s my other tutorial on a Machine Binding a quilt.