Friday, May 30, 2014


I love going to Quilt Market.  The isles of new fabric, stacks of pre-cuts, and inspiration are pretty awesome…but also leave me craving some individuality by the time I get home.

I take a week or so away from my machine wondering what the heck I’m doing…and what I really like.  Not what the industry and social media want me to like…but what I like.  I have a hard time silencing that voice in my head (hello Instagram and Pinterest!) telling me what is a must make or what fabric I should be buying and sewing with right now.
Luckily all it takes is pulling fabric and taking time cutting, and stacking, and re-arranging for me to figure it out what I love to make, and what makes it original.

So there you go…that’s my deep thought for the year(s). 

And also, remind me why I put my design wall (if you could call it that!) within reach of my 2 year old?  On the upside it’s kept her busy and it’s pretty fun to watch her re-arrange.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quilt Market Spring 2014

I survived!!!!  I wasn’t so sure I would.  ;)  This was my first time going all by myself…luckily everything worked out and went smoothly.

Pittsburgh is beautiful…the bridges, the buildings downtown, the hills full of trees…I loved it all.

Hands down my favorite part was seeing so many familiar faces.  It was my first time meeting some of these girls in person even though we’ve “known” each other for years!

  As fun as it is I’m sure happy to be home and done with market for awhile!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wrapping Up

I’m wrapping up my last minute projects (I have this procrastination thing perfected!) and I’m popping in to add the giveaway results….
The scraps winners were:
Ashley P. , Jessica Christensen, and Tricia W.
I also chose a few others to send new patterns to…  Michelle Jensen, Carolyn Temple, and Peter & Kelli.  I wish I had enough scraps to send everyone…maybe someday.  It’s a worthy goal.  ;)

I made a version of Playful in Oh Clementine fabric last week to take to market.  I quilted it with diagonal straight-ish lines that follow the pinwheels.

I’m off to Pittsburgh in the morning (3 am to be exact…yay! not) and I promise to take lots and lots of pictures!  I’ll be posting lots of quilt market to my instagram and facebook pages while I’m there too.  See you on the other side!

Friday, May 9, 2014


I’ve wanted to make “little” patterns for over a year now…so I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got a couple published.  They are baby size quilts that use fat quarters or small cuts of fabric…made especially to be great kits for quilt shops and shows.

I perfected my swirl quilting on this one…seriously it’s the best quilting I think I’ve ever done on my own machine.  I can only say that because I’ve tried it about 50 other times and it always looked like a big fat pointy-swirly-mess.

The fabrics are from my friend Vanessa’s Color Me Happy line and some solids.  LOVE this fabric.  Love love love love love it.  You can still find Color Me Happy here, or here.

Playful is 38” x 45 1/2”…I almost wanted to make this one bigger, but the pinwheels are so cute and little so I stuck with it.

I can’t give up the Pez sneaks its way into most my quilts.  This one I speed quilted in my sleep…don’t look too close!

I made a mockup of this with Color me Happy in all of my free time (HA!)…love these hot pinks!

I have more pictures to share but I just realized this is the longest blog post…so another time!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Oh Clementine Patterns

I have 3 new patterns made in Oh Clementine out now…I made these quilts in March so they’ve been waiting awhile to get out of the box and onto the blog!

Applejack is my first “on-point” pattern (the blocks are set and sewn on the diagonal).  I forgot how much I enjoy making on-point quilts…it’s fun to see how things fit together as you go.  It’s kind of like a puzzle…except I hate puzzles.  ;)

This one was quilted by Kathy.  She did all of this free hand and it’s amazing…it brings the whole quilt to life.

Vintage is a large block, fat quarter quilt.  I’ve had this one drawn up in my notebook for years…it’s so gratifying to see it come to life!

Kathy quilted this with a dense fan/swirl pattern…one of my favorite quilting patterns.

The Morning Glory pattern uses a layer cake or yardage and comes together quickly.
Christina did the quilting on this one with her new machine…you can really see it on the back of this quilt.  The quilted petals are extra perfect.

This one also comes with a simple pillow pattern.